Information on Letters of Recommendation

Simple letters of recommendation
This exclusively includes the relation of your grade to the overall distribution.
Precondition: you took the lectures "Statistik I" and/or "Statistik II" with Prof. Grothe.
Processing time: 1-2 weeks.

Personalized letters of recommendation
This applies with regard to stays abroad or scholarships.
Precondition: at least one of the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • You have passed one of the exams "Statistik für Fortgeschrittene" or "Multivariate Verfahren"
    at least with a 1.7.
  • You have passed one of the following seminars at least with a 1.7:
    "Spezielle Themen der Datenanalyse und Statistik" or
    "Spezielle fortgeschrittene Themen der Datenanalyse und Statistik".

Required documents: transcript of records, CV and a short description of the planned project.
Processing time: approx. 3 weeks.

Please direct your requests to the secretariat.